How to Convert Audio to Text in 3 Steps - Step by Step Guide

Easily convert MP3, AVI, WAV audio files to Text quickly! Simple audio to text converter for generating text transcripts

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Why you should use Aretus?

Whether you are a student needing to transcribe lectures, a journalist conducting interviews, or a professional documenting meetings, having accurate and quick service that can transcribe audio to text can help boost your productivity significantly.

Luckily for such needs we have Aretus, it allows one to easily convert there Audio files to Text. All you have to do is upload the audio file and Aretus will instantly start transcribing your audio to text. It's a very easy to use audio to text converter. Want to Convert MP3 to Text? We've got you covered! Want to Convert WAV to text? Guess what! We've got you! Aretus supports multiple audio format so you don't need to worry about converting file formats.

Let’s look at how you can do so step by step:

Step 1 : Head to and Sign In. If you do not have an account, go ahead and Sign up! Aretus provides users with a free plan allowing upto 30 minutes of audio to text transcription.

Step 2 : After successfully signing up, you will be redirected to the Dashboard. Here, you can see the option to upload files. Go ahead, and upload your audio file here. You can click and select the file which you want to upload or else simply drag-and-drop the audio file here.

Step 3 : As soon as the files have been dropped, Aretus will instantly start processing them and start transcribing the audio files to text. In a short while, you should see the transcript generated successfully.

This way in three easy steps, you can instantly convert Audio files to Text quickly using Aretus.

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Step-by-Step guide on How one can convert a MP3 to Text and Generate transcripts quickly. Just upload and transcribe to text.