How to Convert MP3 to Text in 3 Steps - Step by Step Guide

Step-by-Step guide on How one can convert a MP3 to Text and Generate transcripts quickly. Just upload and transcribe to text.

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Ever wanted to get the text transcript for the audio file you have? Many a times it’s easier to understand what’s being said by actually reading it. A while ago to do so you needed a person to do the transcription to convert audio to text or use APIs which generated inaccurate result. Thankfully, with advent of new technologies like AI we are now able to get significantly accurate transcripts from audio file quickly.

Today, We will see how we can use the Aretus MP3 to Text converter to see how one can convert mp3 to text easily. Aretus handles multiple audio formats out of the box so one basically just has to upload their mp3 file on aretus dashboard and it will automatically start uploading the file and generating the text transcript.

Let’s look at how you can do so step by step:**

Step 1 : Head over to and sign in. If you don’t have an account, create a new one. Aretus provides a free plan for users to get started with providing one with 30 minute of free transcription.

Step 2 : Once you’ve signed-in you’ll find yourself on the Dashboard. Now, here you can see the option to upload audio files on the dashboard. Just click on it and select the mp3 file you want to convert to text or you can just drag and drop your files here. As soon as you do so, Aretus will automatically start uploading and transcribing the file.

Step 3 : You shall shortly be able to see your audio file’s transcript generated on the dashboard. There you go, we just converted mp3 to text.

Step 4 : You can access all the previously generated transcripts in the History section of the application.

We hope this helps in reducing your hassle in converting audio file formats for generating a transcript. We hope that this helped you and do let us know if you any feedback for us. Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Easily convert MP3, AVI, WAV audio files to Text quickly! Simple audio to text converter for generating text transcripts