Easily convert MP3 to Text quickly!

Aretus let's you easily convert mp3 files to transcripts. Just upload the mp3 files andyou are done! Aretus will start converting your mp3 files to text immediately.

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Everything you need to create High Quality Transcripts

✨ Convert MP3 to Text quickly!

Easily transcribe your MP3 files to text quickly and accurately

Just drag and drop or select your MP3 file, Aretus will start converting the MP3 file to Text instantly!

🔈 Supports MP3 Audio File Format

Use MP3 file format to convert audio to text without needing to convert file formats!

Need to transcribe a MP3 file? Don't worry, Aretus handles MP3 and many other audio file formats out of the box.

🎤 Auto Translate Audio to English

Easily translate supported language audio files to English

Aretus allows you to easily convert multiple language audio files to english by simply uploading them.

📜 Access all the Generated Transcripts at One Place

Need to check the last transcript generated? or the one you generated last week?

Don't fret, We've got you covered. Just head to History tab on your Dashboard and access all the transcripts generated in the past.

Choose the plan that fits your needs

Get started on our free plan and upgrade when you are ready.


  • 30 minutes per month
  • 5 MB Maximum File Upload Size
  • Multiple Audio Extensions Supported


Most Popular
  • 600 minutes per month
  • Upto 25 MB File Upload
  • Multiple Audio Extensions Supported
  • Export SRT, TXT and Word